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Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10, 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, 18.04
CentOS 6.6, 7.0, 7.1
At least 2GB memory and 1GB disk space


Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7,
OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
At least 2GB memory and 1GB disk space


BlastStation-Workgroup is a web-based 64-bit local BlastStation designed for small to mid-sized groups. BlastStation-Workgroup works in the browser, however it works just like desktop BlastStation with the power of HTML5 technology.
Different from NCBI wwwblast or sequenceserver, BlastStation-Workgroup has built-in job scheduler, which enables stable BLAST searches without overloading the server, even if multiple users submit blast jobs at once. Since each blast search results as well as search parameters and query sequence are saved as a BlastStation job, users can examine search results later. Furthermore, it provides automatic FASTA synchronization with any ftp server to create local database, search result sharing and blast database sharing with other users in the workgroup.

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