How to set up Blast2Go Local Database on Windows
Database is updated with GO database of 7/6/2015
scheduled to be updated once a month.

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Blast2GO ver. 2.8 fails to start with Java 7 Update 51 or later.
Visit here to overcome this problem.
Here is the easiest and fastest procedure to set up Blast2Go local database on Windows.
We provide pre-built database files. You will just download and unzip database files.
Original instruction to create Blast2Go local database is found here. It takes more than 12 hours to create databases, if everything goes well.
With local database, Blast2Go mapping speed will be almost 10 times faster than that with the remote database. Annotation speed is almost 3 times faster.  Benchmark results are available here.
You don't have to use any mysql command. Actually you don't have to open command prompt at all.
This is confirmed to work fine on 64-bit Windows 7.  If you use 32-bit Windows 7, you may have difficulty to unzip downloaded database files.  In that case, unzip them on 64-bit Windows 7 and copy them to your 32-bit Windows 7.
The instruction for Mac is here, and for Linux is here.
64-bit Windows 7
At least 150 GB disk space
How to set up
  1. Log in Windows as an account with Administrator type.
  2. Make sure more than 150 GB space is available on your hard drive.
  3. Visit and download 64-bit msi file and install it on your machine.  7-Zip is needed to unzip database files.  Windows built-in zip command will not work for these large zip files.

  4. Database files are available for Active Members only.  Membership comes with email support by professional support staffs.  Click for more information.
  5. Click the database download links above and click Download Icon at the top of the page to download zip file.  File names are,,,,, and  Total size is about 30 GB. go_201507-assocdb-data.gz is used.
  6. Select each zip file and right-click mouse button.  Then select 7-Zip -> Extract Here in the context menu.  You will get b2gdb and mysql folders.  Number of files in b2gdb folder is 142.  Number of files in mysql folder is 69.  Unzipped total size is about 100 GB.
  7. Visit and download MySQL Installer MSI and install it.  Please refer to for details.
  8. Go to Windows Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, Services.
  9. Find MySQL56 and stop it.
  10. Launch Windows Explorer and delete mysql folder in MySQL data folder. If you accept the default folder during the installation, MySQL data folder is C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data, which is a hidden folder.
  11. Move mysql and b2gdb folders into MySQL data folder
  12. Start MySQL56 service.
  13. MySQL root password is b2groot. You can change it, if you want.
  14. Launch Blast2Go.
  15. Go to Tools -> General Setting -> DataAccess Settings
  16. Select Own Database, type in parameters below and click OK.
  17. That’s it. Enjoy faster Blast2Go
    DB Name b2gdb
    DB Host localhost
    DB User blast2go
    DB Password blast4it