How To Build NCBI Blast+ on Windows
This page describes how to build NCBI BLAST+ on Windows.
The procedure below was confirmed to work fine for NCBI Blast+ 2.2.24 on Windows 7 with Visual C++ 2008.
Up-to-date as of 7/9/2014
1. Preparation
1.1. Install free Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.  Visit , click "Visual Studio 2008 Express" tab,  click "Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition" in the left column, select language and click "Free Download" button.  When download is finished, double click downloaded vcsetup.exe and follow the instruction.
1.2. Download NCBI Blast+ source from
1.3. Extract downloaded file.  If you don't have such a software, visit for example.
1.4. You will get c++ folder in ncbi-blast-2.2.24+-src folder.
2. Configuration and Build process
2.1. Launch Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
2.2. Open ncbi-blast-2.2.24+-src\c++\compilers\msvc900_prj\static\build\ncbi_cpp project
2.3. Select ReleaseDLL instead of DebugDLL
2.4. Highlight -CONFIGURE- in Solution Explorer and build it
2.5. Click on “Reload” when "File Modification Detected" alert is shown
2.6. Confirm ReleaseDLL  is selected.  All executables will use DLL-specific version of the run-time library.  Select ReleaseMT to use static version of the run-time library.
2.7. Highlight -BUILD-ALL- in Solution Explorer and build it2.8. All binaries such as blastn and blastp are found in ncbi-blast-2.2.24+-src\c++\compilers\msvc900_prj\static\bin\ReleaseDLL.