Data File Download Speed to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a well-known cloud service.  We downloaded large data files from several pubic ftp servers to EC2 instance and measured the download speed.  We also downloaded data files from cloud storage and measured download speed.
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Up-to-date as of 9/10/2013
1. Test Conditions
EC2 instances
M3 Extra Large: 15 GB Memory, 13 EC2 Compute Units, us-east-1d zone
OS 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 (Same as Windows 7)
Pubic ftp servers
Cloud Storages
Google Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive
2. Results
Download from public ftp servers
ftp server File name File Size (kBytes) Download speed (Bytes/s)1)
NCBI env_nt.gz 3,166,740 75.6M
gss.gz 7,693,616 77.5M
Uniprot uniprot_trembl.fasta.gz 8,260,709 51.3M
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 49.2M
EBI uniprot_trembl.fasta.gz 8,260,709 13.2M
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 12.3M
DDBJ ddbjvrt2.fasta.gz 274,142 4.4M
ddbjsyn1.fasta.gz 235,543 6.8M

1) curl average download speed.

Download from cloud storages

Cloud Storage File name File Size (kBytes) Download speed (Bytes/s)2)
Google Drive
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 21M
Amazon Cloud Drive
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 16M
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 3.5M
uniref50.fasta.gz 1,641,842 4.0M

2) Speed shown in Chrome browser download window. It is not accurate.

3. Conclusions
  1. Download speed from NCBI ftp server is the fastest among the public ftp servers tested, because the Instance resides in Amazon us-east region.
  2. Download speed from Google Drive is the fastest among the cloud storages tested .
  3. Even though DropBox used Amazon S3, download speed from DropBox is not fast.
  4. If trying to download from NCBI or Uniprot servers and re-use them, store them in the cloud storage is not a good idea.  Downloading again from these servers is much faster.