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BlastStation-Free is the Free Edition of BlastStation.
BlastStation-Free in the Cloud is a web-based 64-bit local BlastStation running on the Cloud computer and has all features of BlastStation-Workgroup with some limitations.  You can upload your own FASTA or FASTQ file, create blast database and perform blast searches without installing any software.
BlastStation-Free ver. 2 has all features of BlastStation2, such as NCBI-Blast search using the EBI server,  WU-Blast2 search using the EBI server, and Standalone BLAST search on your PC with some limitations BlastStation-Free ver. 2 is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Platform Requirements How to install  
  Current Version: 1.0
  Change history is here
FireFox 4, Google Chrome, Safari 5.0
or later on Windows, Mac OS X,
and Linux
1. Click Sign Up button and create account.
2. Sign In from here
3. Start local blast search.

        Features & Limitations
  Current Version: 2.0
  Change history is here
Windows Vista, Windows 7
1. Click Download button.
2. Click "Run" button.
3. Wait until download finishes.
4. Click "Run" button.
5. Follow the instruction of installer.
        Features & Limitations
  Current Version: 2.1
  Change history is here
Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.8, 10.6.8, 10.7.4, OS X 10.8.2, 10.9.2 or later
Universal Binary
1. Click Download button.
2. Wait until donwload finishes.
3. Double click BlastStation-Free.pkg, if installer does not start.
4. Follow the instruction of installer.

Signed for OS X 10.8 or later
        Features & Limitations
1)If you would like to use both of BlastStation-Free in the Cloud and BlastStation-Free ver.2,  you need to sign up twice with different email addresses.
2)BlastStation-Free ver. 2 installer will overwrite BlastStation-Free ver. 1.2 or earlier, which is not maintained anymore.