BlastStation-Free in the Cloud Features
  1. Local blast search with 64-bit NCBI BLAST+ 2.2.25.
  2. Supports megablast.
  3. Easy database creation from your FASTA or FASTQ file, which can be compressed in .gz, .Z, or .zip format.
  4. Easy multi-FASTA data submission.
  5. Easy management of BLAST search parameters, FASTA data and search results.
  6. Graphical display of search results.
  7. Summary table display of search results.
  8. Export summary table in CSV format.
  9. Export search results sequences in FASTA format.
BlastStation-Free in the Cloud Limitations
  1. Up to 5 FASTA data submission in one BlastStation job. BlastStation-Workgroup can submit unlimited number of FASTA data in one job.
  2. Available programs are megablast, blastn, blastp, and blastx.  If tblastn or tblastx is needed, BlastStation-Workgroup is suitable.
  3. Local database input file size is limited to 25 MB, either compressed or not compressed.
  4. BLAST search and database sharing functions are disabled.
  5. No support.  Facebook is available instead.
  6. Signing up is required.
  7. Points will be accumulated as the following schedule. Monthly allowance is 30 points.




    Performing Blast Search/Sequence



    Creating Local Database/Action



    Exporting FASTA/Action





  8. Use behaviors will be monitored by us and will be used for future improvements.

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